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請預留5-7個工作天整理報告 Takes around 5-7 working days


深入解讀報告 (取決於你的人類圖特性, 17-20PDF), 包括:

  • 基本解讀報告
  • 解讀你的閘門及通道 (Gates & Channel), 協助你認識自己的才能及脆弱
  • 協助你認識自己的人生使命 (Life Purpose)
  • 閱讀報告後如有查詣, 可提出3條問題


Human Design Advanced Reading Report (around 17-20 pages PDF, depending on your chart) includes:

  • Foundation Reading Report
  • Your Gates and Channels - understanding on your own unique talents, and vulnerabilities
  • Support in searching your Life Purpose
  • You can raise out 3 questions after reading your report

人類圖深入解讀報告 Human Design Advanced Reading Report

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