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【雜記】Man facing the wave

工作上遇到大地震, collapse, 這次應該是遇到的collapse之中最徹底的一次。心神不靈時覺得這次是海嘯吧。

想在Google search一些圖片形象化一下件事的感覺, 第一次search keywords "Man facing tsunami", 看了一下圖片沒有太大感覺。那麼,試試search "Man facing the wave", 就出了這幅圖。

Tsunami vs Wave, you can see the difference of your lens.

然後, 我抽一下塔羅, 我想知道從這次collapse, 應該要學懂甚麼, 然後我抽到Wheel of Fortune。

The similarity between Wheel of Fortune and the Cross of the Sphinx.

Man Facing the Wave

The Wave spins your Wheel

Ups and Downs

You can choose to stick on the Wheel, be the hero or victim

Or you can choose to take a balance on the rolling Wheel with your Heart

Your Heart knows the direction

Picture credit:

1. Facing the Wave by Marina Pallares

2. The Living your Design Manual by Richard Rudd

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