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Free Human Design Chart

其實不少網站都提供免費的人類圖 (例如 Free Quantum Human Design Chart), 你可以即時了解你的人類圖設計。

如你是初次接觸人類圖, 請填寫以下資料, 除附上你的人類圖, 我們還會特別提供《秒懂人類圖》ebook, 協助你初步了解你的設計!

There are many sites provide free Human Design Chart (e.g. Free Quantum Human Design Chart), you can get your chart anytime.

If you're new to Human Design, please provide the following information. Apart from your chart, an ebook 'Quick Guide on Human Design'  will be sent to you via email for supporting you to grasp some basic ideas of your chart!

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