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What is Human Design?

Human design is your blueprint of life.

It is for you to do contemplation.

But it is not your fate.


大家好,我係阿Hei, 6/2 Generator, 對宇宙感到好奇。 第一次接觸人類圖應該是2011/12 年的事, 但真的的起心肝去學習, 就要多謝2020年突如期來的疫情了。


學習Human Design是一個了解與實踐自我的過程, 如你想找方法BE YOU, 或對Human Design這套工具感到好奇, 你可試試走進這個系統啊!

Hello, I am Hei, a 6/2 Generator, curious in the Universe. I thought I am first introduced to Human Design in 2011 or 2012, thanks to the unexpected pandemic, I have a chance to deep dive in it.

Learning Human Design is a process of understanding and actualizing yourself. If you want to find a way to BE YOU, or just simply curious on Human Design, maybe it is a good timing for you to step into this System.


Level 3 Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist by Karen Curry Parker

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